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Case Studies

Periodontal (gum) plastic surgery case

This 23 year old young woman presented at our clinic  for a normal routine check up. She also complained of a somewhat gummy smile and short front teeth.  She agreed to undertake further investigations such as a CBCT scan and bone sounding to determine the level of the bone holding  her teeth in the jaw. […]

Complete oral rehabilitation case

This 24 year old woman presented to us with constant pain from all back teeth.  Since she was pregnant at the time, the pain was causing her significant distress. On examination we found a state of general neglect with decay in most of her molar/premolar teeth. Emergency extractions were planned and executed to relieve her […]

Denture stabilization case

This 67 year old woman presented at your clinic desiring a more comfortable solution instead of her poorly fitting old full upper and lower dentures. After a consultation we decided to go for a new full upper denture and full lower denture stabilization using mini implants. Mini implants provide a cost effective method of stabilizing […]

Implant retained denture

This 62 year old man attended our clinic complaining of pain and mobile upper bridge. On examination we found that he was suffering from chronic periodontal disease and a failed fixed restoration with decay. A complete extraction of all remaining upper teeth was the only solution. We decided to opt for an implant retained denture […]

Implant reconstruction case

This 49 year old lady presented in our clinic with recurrent discomfort coming from the upper jaw. On examination including  x-rays we discovered that she had chronic periodontal disease which was especially advanced in the upper jaw. Many teeth were mobile. After a lot of discussions we decided that the upper teeth could not be […]

Functional and Aesthetic rehabilitation

This young man was 24 years old when he presented with a poorly fitting upper bridge. He was complaining of bad breath and taste combined with jaw joint discomfort. On examination we found that the full upper bridge had a very poor fit with lots of plaque/food accumulation. The bite was also not ideal which […]

Aesthetic & functional rehabilitation

A 48 year old woman presented in our clinic complaining of a general discomfort in her mouth, bad breath and mobile teeth. On examination we found that she was suffering from an advanced stage of chronic periodontal (gum) disease. After several examination appointments we determined and classified all teeth in groups: Those which are healthy […]

Removable Acrylic Denture

This 53 year old women presented with an ill fitting old partial acrylic denture, which was not aesthetically pleasing  also due to the marked midline shift of her upper incisor. After examination and  a long discussion with her, we decided to construct on immediate upper partial denture. After a routine cleaning and oral hygiene instruction,  […]

Complete Oral rehabilitation Case 2

This 48 year old woman presented with a deteriorating oral condition including  failing restorations, bad breath, chronic periodontal disease, decay and a general reluctance to smile and socialize. After a thorough examination we came up with a treatment plan which included scaling, polishing and curettage to remove the tartar deposits, fillings and  extractions. The definite […]

Aesthetic rehabilitation with immediate full dentures

This 55 year old lady presented to us with a failed dentition and a dysfunctional old partial acrylic denture. Due to financial restrictions she wanted a removable solution with the option of getting a fixed implant retained bridge or the denture stabilized with implants in the future. The remaining teeth were deemed to be not […]