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Implant reconstruction case

This 49 year old lady presented in our clinic with recurrent discomfort coming from the upper jaw. On examination including  x-rays we discovered that she had chronic periodontal disease which was especially advanced in the upper jaw. Many teeth were mobile.

After a lot of discussions we decided that the upper teeth could not be saved and had to be extracted. Actually this was quite a shock for the patient and she decided that a fixed restoration would be the only outcome that she could accept. A temporary full acrylic denture was constructed and fitted after the extractions of the upper teeth. The lower teeth were cleaned and curetted by our hygienist and an oral hygiene instruction was given to the patient so that she could save her lower teeth of which her front teeth were already slightly mobile. A fiber reinforced composite splint was fitted to stabilize the lower anterior teeth.

After a wait of 3 months a cone beam tomograph was taken and implants were placed in the ideal position on the virtual jaw using Simplant software.

A surgical guide was ordered and implants were placed without raising the gums (flapless). As a result she experienced very minimal discomfort after surgery.

A temporary bridge was placed immediately which was replaced after 3 months with the definitive full upper bridge. After 5 years of function we still have an extremely happy patient attending regular 6 monthly check-ups and keeping an impeccable daily cleaning schedule!