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Computer Guided Implant Placement

Imagine this: A dental surgeon is performing a thorough examination of your mouth to check for your suitability for implant treatment. The surgeon rotates your jaw from side to side and up and down, looking for the optimal sites in which to place dental implants — and their proper size, shape and orientation. He is testing several  alternatives, considering the underlying anatomical structures, and the bone density and quality that the examination reveals. Finally, a surgical plan is developed: This includes a set of precise specifications for implant position, size and depth, and a template for creating a perfectly fitting set of replacement teeth. But no invasive procedures of any type have been performed so far. In fact, you aren’t even present.

Welcome to the world of computer-guided dental implant surgery. What we have described is one step in the process that allows you to receive a set of replacement teeth with the minimum amount of surgery and chair time  but with  the maximum level of preplanning foresight. It ensures a faster overall treatment time, less discomfort, and an outcome that pleases everyone.

Our state of the art Cone Beam scanner and x-ray facilities makes this possible.


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