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Aesthetic recontouring

Aesthetic recontouring involves altering the tooth’s size, length, shape, and surface. It is the most conservative cosmetic treatment available and can produce results that go a long way in correcting minor imperfections.. Unlike these other treatments, aesthetic recontouring is minimally invasive (doesn’t require anesthetic injections) and is completed in a single short visit.

To recontour your teeth, we will remove small amounts of tooth enamel until the imperfection is eliminated and the desired shape or length is attained. Recontouring does not damage the dentin or nerve (sensitive inner layers of the tooth), so you will not experience pain during the procedure. Once your teeth have been evenly shaped, we will polish the teeth for a smooth finish.

Aesthetic recontouring is an effective treatment that corrects a variety of minor imperfections, including:

  • Small chips or breaks
  • Bulges and/or pits in the tooth enamel
  • Pointed canine tips
  • Irregular tooth shapes


We will examine your unique case to determine if aesthetic recontouring is right for you. We may also recommend combining recontouring with other aesthetic treatments for optimal results.

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