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Periodontal (gum) plastic surgery case

This 23 year old young woman presented at our clinic  for a normal routine check up. She also complained of a somewhat gummy smile and short front teeth.  She agreed to undertake further investigations such as a CBCT scan and bone sounding to determine the level of the bone holding  her teeth in the jaw.  The results showed that she had excess bone surrounding  her teeth necks which caused the appearance of overgrown gums and short crowns.

A surgical operation was undertaken after thorough planning and the exact right amount of bone was removed to achieve  a longer permanent length to the incisor crowns. Excess bone was removed from the premolars and first molars as well due to short clinical crown height.

A six month wait was necessary so that the gum level permanently stabilizes before all ceramic crowns were constructed in the lab.

The decision to crown the incisors was reached due to the fact that they were somewhat worn and eroded.  Some small tooth coloured (composite) fillings were also done to remove small areas of demineralization which developed with time.

During the 6 month wait the other teeth were whitened using a Zoom take home bleaching kit and trays. This was done at home by the patient and delivered superb results.

The final result is simply amazing  and a very happy patient.

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