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Complete oral rehabilitation case

This 24 year old woman presented to us with constant pain from all back teeth.  Since she was pregnant at the time, the pain was causing her significant distress. On examination we found a state of general neglect with decay in most of her molar/premolar teeth. Emergency extractions were planned and executed to relieve her of pain, and a good scaling/polish with oral hygiene instructions was done.  X-rays had to be postponed for after pregnancy.

A few months after the pregnancy she returned with the intent of restoring her smile and function.  A proper examination was done and x-rays were taken.  We determined the treatment which had to be done on each tooth and any remaining extractions were done.

A four month waiting period after extractions was advised during which any remaining fillings were done  and  a tooth whitening  treatment was prescribed  for the lower teeth. After the four month period passed, the upper front teeth were restored with four all ceramic crowns. All missing back teeth were replaced with four porcelain fused to metal bridges while the lower six front teeth were whitened and restored with tooth colored composite filling material.  Patient was extremely satisfied with her new looks and new found function.  Case is still in function after thirteen years.


complete oral rehab