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Aesthetic rehabilitation with immediate full dentures

This 55 year old lady presented to us with a failed dentition and a dysfunctional old partial acrylic denture. Due to financial restrictions she wanted a removable solution with the option of getting a fixed implant retained bridge or the denture stabilized with implants in the future. The remaining teeth were deemed to be not salvageable.

Impressions were taken and following a set of appointments, full upper and lower immediate acrylic dentures were constructed. All the remaining teeth were extracted and the dentures were fitted on the same day. She was ecstatic with her new look since she never thought that such a beautiful aesthetic result was possible in her case. The denture was relined periodically with a soft lining material. A definite acrylic reline was done after 6 months where she reported highly improved masticatory performance and aesthetic confidence. She still has the fixed implant solution on her mind. In case she decides to continue with the treatment we now have the aesthetic and functional foundations ready.

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