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Denture stabilization case

This 67 year old woman presented at your clinic desiring a more comfortable solution instead of her poorly fitting old full upper and lower dentures. After a consultation we decided to go for a new full upper denture and full lower denture stabilization using mini implants. Mini implants provide a cost effective method of stabilizing dentures when done properly.

Using our cone beam scanner and Simplant software we could again place the mini implants in the correct position in the bone providing peace of mind both for the dentist and the patient. Pain and discomfort during and after this procedure is minimal with a similar intensity and type as that experienced after  dental extractions. After 1.5 months of the surgical intervention her new dentures were fitted. She reported an immediate  improvement in her eating and chewing habits.  She now attends for 6 monthly check ups for cleanings and evaluation of gum health around her implants.

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