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GC Tooth Mousse & MI Paste Plus

Recaldent™ is derived from the milk protein, casein. For many years it has been known that milk and its derivatives have a tooth protective effect. Recently, research has shown that this activity is due to a part of a casein protein which carries calcium and phosphorus ‘stuck’ to it. This complex (Recaldent™) is an ideal delivery system for bio-available calcium and phosphate.

The first product for professional use that contains Recaldent™ technology is GC Tooth Mousse. GC Tooth Mousse incorporating Recaldent™ promises to make an important contribution to protecting the oral environment in a wide range of situations where a mineral imbalance may arise.


  • Delivers Recaldent™ (ACP-CPP) to restore mineral balance in the oral environment
  • Provides extra protection for teeth
  • Helps neutralize acid challenges from acidogenic bacteria in plaque and other internal and external acid sources
  • Tastes delicious and makes teeth feel smoother and cleaner


  • Restoring mineral balance in patients with salivary deficiencies such as xerostomia (dry mouth) or when proper oral hygiene procedures are difficult.
  • Restoring balance after procedures such as tooth whitening, professional cleaning, rootplaning and curettage, as well as reducing any resulting dentine hypersensitivity
  • Research has also shown that Recaldent™ can transform the visual opacity of new white spots to a more natural ‘tooth-like’ translucency

How to use
Tooth Mousse works quickly, within 2-5 minutes, but the longerit is maintained in the mouth the more effective the result.



GC MI Paste Plus
All the benefits of GC Tooth Mousse, with 900ppm of a unique, patented form of fluoride in a product designed for high-risk patients.


  • For patients who suffer from aggressive caries and loss of tooth structure, from dental erosion and accelerated tooth wear following head and neck radiotherapy
  • For pregnant women
  • During and/or after orthodontics
  • For patients with an acidic oral environment and gastric reflux
  • For patients with poor plaque control and high caries risk

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