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Originally opened in 1997, this clinic is a recently completed refurbishment (2014) in a central location in Malta which was painstakingly constructed and finished over a period of years according to the needs of modern dentistry. We emphasize on the most modern technologically advanced aspects of dental treatments available. This endeavour is intended to achieve excellent results in a shorter period of time and at greater comfort. We are very careful to keep cost for treatment as low as possible. Our efficiency and our state of the art clinic layout and equipment make this goal possible to achieve.

The premises include a relaxing waiting area with tranquil ambience and background music. Natural light is in abundance which complements the colourful decor of the treatment rooms and their garden view.

We speak English, Maltese, and Italian fluently and we have an understanding of German, Spanish, Arabic and French. A visit to the dentist is already stressful by itself, and we fully understand that if this visit happens in a foreign country these anxieties would multiply. We are certain that you will be positively surprised by the hospitality of the Maltese people and our staff. Feel free to contact us and present us with your queries regarding any treatments you are interested in or fees, and we would be there for your assistance.

The premises are fully accessible for persons with disability and the older generation. We also provide a free Wi-Fi service for our guests and patients.

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