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Gum Treatment & Periodontal Therapy

In addition to caries,  periodontal disease is one of the most common oral diseases. If detected early enough it can be treated. Then, we can apply measures to protect against subsequent bone loss and tooth loss.

Since periodontal disease is always triggered by pathogens (bacteria), it is extremely important to diagnose their presence early on.

These specific periodontal bacteria spread from the mouth throughout the body and can be triggers systemic diseases or make them worse. Treatment is initially a closed curettage of the inflammatory tissue and harmful bacteria using hand instruments and ultrasonic so the pockets are cleaned and any accumulation be thoroughly removed. Regular monitoring of the gingival condition is essential.

A minor surgical procedure might sometimes be necessary to complete the cleaning of the root surface.

Your teeth might also have to be splinted to achieve a more comfortable bite and experience no discomfort from mobility.


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